Workshops (PCW)

Hands on ultrasound workshop
​November 10, Thursday - 10:00-15:00 - Room-B

Mitja Lainscak, Slovenia
Alan Sustic, Croatia
Halmai László, Hungary

Participants: max 15 pax

Part I. (3x20 minutes)

  • Ultrasound and the airway
    Alan Sustic, Croatia
  • Ultrasound of the lungs,
    Mitja Lainscak, Slovenia
  • Basics of echocardiography
    Laszlo Halmai, United Kingdom
  • Transcranial Doppler in critical care
    Béla Fülesdi, Hungary​

Part II.

  • Hands on practice

Bronchoscopy for beginners – simulation course
November 10, Thursday - 10:00-15:00 - Room-C

Zsolt Molnar, Hungary
Tamas Szakmany, United Kingdom
Zsolt Szabo, Hungary

Participants: max 20 pax

Part I. (3x20 minutes lectures)

  • Basics: anatomy, definitions
    Zsolt Molnar, Hungary
  • Basic diagnostics on the ICU
    Tamas Szakmany, UK
  • Bronchoscopy and the airway
    Zsolt Szabó, Hungary

Part II.

  • Practice on dummies (3x5 groups)

Hemostasis workshop: “Enchanted by the curves”
​November 11, Friday - 10:00-15:00 - Room-B

Janos Fazakas, Hungary
Cesar Aldecoa, Spain
Jan Benes, Czech Republic
Barna Babik, Hungary

Participants: max 30 pax

Part I. (4x30 minutes lectures)

  • Coagulopathy vs. massive bleeding - patophysiology, 
    Jan Benes, Czech Republic 
  • POCT-based multimodal hemostasis monitoring
    Krisztian Tanczos, Hungary
  • Factor replacement and FFP
    Janos Fazakas, Hungary
  • Guidelines for massive bleeding, an update
    Cesar Aldecoa, Spain

Part II.

  • Case discussions
    Panelists: Jan Benes, Krisztian Tanczos, Janos Fazakas, Cesar Aldecoa
    Cases: Obstetric, trauma, septic DIC, iatrogenic coagulopathy (DOAC, antiaggregants)

10 November 2016, Thursday

Zsolt Molnar, Hungary

08:30-11:00 S-1: Respiratory dysfunction
Chair: Szuldrzynski Konstanty, Poland
08:30Nasal High flow oxygen therapy
Yalim Dikmen, Turkey
08:50Challenges in managing acute dyspnea
Mitja Lainscak, Slovenia
09:10Capnography: Is it only about safety or more?
Barna Babik, Hungary
09:30Round table discussion

09:45-11:00S-2: Mechanical  ventilation
Chair: Béla Fülesdi, Hungary
09:45Spontaneous breathing: Is it always dangerous?
Antonio Pesenti, Italy
10:05Tracheostomy on the ICU in 2016: too early, too fast, too many
Tamas Szakmany, United Kingdom
10:25Weaning failure of cardiac origin
Jean-Louis Teboul, France
10:45Round table discussion


11:20-12:20 C1: ThermoFisher sponsored symposium

12:30-13:45S-3: Monitoring
Chair: Janos Gal, Budapest
12:30Hemodynamic monitoring in patients with acute heart failure
Eva Zöllei, Hungary
12:50Use your blood gas results to assess circulation
Zsolt Molnar, Hungary
13:10Tight glucose control – old song and dance?
Miroslaw Czuczwar, Poland
13:30Round table discussion

13:45-15:30S-4: Hemodynamics
Chair: Miroslaw Czuczwar, Poland
13:45When to give and when not to give fluids?
Xavier Monnet, France
14:05Extravascular lung water as a target for therapy
Mikhail Kirov, Russia
14:25Hemodynamic effects of lung recruitment
Andras Lovas, Hungary
14:55Round table discussion

15:30-16:30 C2: Nutricia sponsored symposium

16:30-18:00S-5: Sepsis: a “Special Issue” round table
Chair: Philip Lumb, USA; Lajos Bogár, Hungary
16:30Sepsis - 3
Mervyn Singer, UK
16:45Optimizing antimicrobials - Speed of source control in septic shock
Annand Kumar, USA
16:00Measures to improve incidence and outcome of nosocomial infections
Frank Brunkhorst, Germany 
17:15Immunological interventions in sepsis - past, present, future
Axel Nierhaus, Germany
17:30Sepsis and Love
Zsolt Molnar, Hungary
17:45Round table discussion

19:00Welcome reception + Surprise concert: OnCall 

11 November 2016, Friday

08:30-10:00S-6: Pro-con debates
Chair: TBA
08:30-09:00Early percutaneous tracheostomy is advantageous
Akos Csomos, Hungary
Tamas Szakmany, United Kingdom
09:00Debate round
09:15-10:00There is evidence – trust them!
Konrad Reinhart, Germany
Mervyn Singer, UK
09:45Debate round

10:05-11:20S-7: Meet the ECMO experts
Chair: Éva Zöllei, Hungary
10:05Management of the severely hypoxemic patient with ECMO
Antonio Pesenti, Italy
10:25Avoiding mechanical ventilation in COPD by ECCO2R
Axel Nierhaus, Germany
10:45A bit of both: rationale of the EXODUS trial
Wolfgang Huber, Germany
111:05Round table discussion


11:40-13:00 S-8: Infection on the ICU
Chair: Annand Kumar, USA
11:40Prophylactic antibiotics for severe burns
Takashi Tagami, Japan
12:00An emerging challenge: Clostridium difficile
Evangelos Giamarellos, Greece
12:20Universal decolonization strategy in the ICU
Andrzej Kubler, Poland
12:40Round table discussion

13:00-14:00 C3: CytoSorbents sponsored symposium


14:20-15:20C4: Biotest sponsored symposium

15:20-16:40S-9: New frontiers
Chair: Dorel Sandesc, Romania
15:20Point-of-care ultrasound in critical care
Philip Lumb, USA
15:40Brain biomarkers for prediction of outcome after resuscitation
Sharon Einav, Israel
16:00Intraoperative recruitment maneuver: Is it relevant for the patient outcome?
Vojislava Neskovic, Serbia
16:20Round table discussion
16:45-18:05S-10: Organization, teaching, ethics
Chair: Sharon Einav, Israel
17:05ETHIC: ‘Surrogate Decision Makers’ “Organ Donation/Definitions (Determination) of Death
Philip Lumb, USA
17:25Telemedicine in Intensive Care - Toy or Tool?
Rüdger Kopp, Germany
17:45A New World of learning: anesthesia and intensive therapy at glance
Alan Sustic, Croatia
18:05Round table discussion
20:00Gala dinner

12 November 2016, Saturday

08:30-10:00S-11: Emergencies and disasters
Chair: Kanizsai Péter, Hungary
08:30Rapid sequence intubation in intensive care unit: is it a time to change the concept?
Radmilo Jankovic, Serbia
08:50The risks and resolution of over-hydration in septic shock: evidences and new horizons
Vsevolod Kuzkov, Russia
09:10How to mobilise your intensive care when you are involved in a disaster?
Sharon Einav, Israel
09:30Discussion round table
9:45-10:00 Break

10:05-11:20S-12: Sepsis – second round
Chair: Takashi Tagami, Japan
10:05Cytokine adsorption – its place and perspectives
Dana Tomescu, Romania
10:25Plasmapheresis in sepsis - rationale and current data.
Konstanty Szuldrzynski, Poland
10:45Infection in obstetric critical care
Fathima Paruk, South Africa
11:05Round table discussion


11:40-13:00 S-13: Biomarkers
Chair: Zoltán Pető, Hungary
11:40Evaluating immune fitness in sepsis
Malgorzata Mikaszewska-Sokolevitz, Poland
12:00New biomarkers in sepsis - Adrenomedulin and Pro-Enkephalin 
Rüdger Kopp, Germany
12:20Neutrophil-lymphocyte ratio - a reliable marker of systemic inflammation in critically ill patients
Roman Zahorecz, Slovakia
12:40Round table discussion

13:00-14:30S-14: Perioperative critical care
Chair: Zsolt Molnar, Hungary
13:00Recent multicenter trials: The end of protocolized GDT?
Daniel Reuter, Germany
13:20Intraoperative non-invasive advanced hemodynamic monitoring
Jan Benes, Czech Republic
13:40After brain surgery: the “multimodal concept” of hemodynamic support
Krisztian Tanczos, Hungary
14:00What is the message of the EuSOS and FENICE trials?
Cesar Aldecoa, Spain
14:20Hemostasis management in the OR
Janos Fazakas, Hungary
14:40The “Big Round-table" discussion

15:00Good bye!